antoine bauza

Take on the role of a hero
from the last Bastion


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In this cooperative game, take on the role of powerful warriors, final defenders of the Bastion of Ancient Kings...


A handful of heroes has stolen the powerful relics of the Baleful Queen. Without them, the immortal is weakened; recovering them is now her only goal.


Having fallen back into the Bastion of Ancient Kings, the High Mages are attempting to destroy the artifacts, while the heroes defend the mages at the peril of the lives.


Hordes led by Warlords are continuously assaulting the ramparts. If this citadel falls, it's a whole civilization that will be swept away, an entire world which will fall to chaos...

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Game Overview

Last Bastion is a cooperative game. The players struggle together against the game: either they all win or they all lose.

Together, the heroes attempt to defend the Bastion, which is besieged by the armies of the Baleful Queen! They'll have to resist the relentless assaults of the Horde, prevent the Grasp of Evil from spreading, and slay the Warlord to hope to win the game!


Resist the assaults of the Horde.
Enemies attack the Bastion from all sides!

Enemies attack the Bastion from all sides! Place the Monster cards on the colored boards as they appear, apply their effects during the Horde phase, and hold fast! Greenskins, demons, undead: you'll be spared nothing!


Use the resources of the Bastion. Protected by the 4 Wall tiles, the 9 Bastion tiles represent your best resources to win!

Protected by the 4 Wall tiles, the 9 Bastion tiles represent your best resources to win! Make the most out of their powers: the inn, market, divine fountain, and Dwarven quarry, each location offers you new possibilities! But beware the Grasp of Evil, which threatens to ravage the Bastion from within...


Organize yourselves and fight the monsters to the last

Plan your movement, optimize your action, and carefully use your characters' special powers to push back the monsters during the Hero phase! Annihilate the ranks of this infernal army until the arrival of the Warlord: will you manage to vanquish them and come out victorious from this ultimate battle?


The heroes of the Bastion


With her two crossbows with sharp quarrels, Twindalli is a fearsome threat from atop the ramparts

During her Hero phase, Twindalli can combat up to 2 Horde cards placed orthogonally from her position in the Bastion. These Horde cards can be adjacent to Twindalli or not. Rules for ranged combat are the same as those for standard combat. If more than 2 Monsters can be chosen, Twindalli must declare which 2 Monsters she is facing in combat before rolling the dice.

Clarification : Twindalli attacks with a ranged weapon, she is therefore the only one able to enter combat from the central Bastion tile.

The heroes of the Bastion


Mylfaar is a half-elven bard. With the help of her lute, she enchants the monsters using her melodies.

During her Hero phase, Mylfaar can, only once per turn, place her Enchantment token onto any Horde card in play, or move it from one card to another. A Monster (or Warlord) under the effect of the enchantment has its resistance reduced by 1 during combat, no matter which hero is facing it. When the Horde card targeted by the enchantment is discarded, the token is recovered by Mylfaar.

Clarification : If Mylfaar loses her power while the enchantment is in play, it remains in play.

The heroes of the Bastion


Kazgin enjoys an uncommon strength. He’s also resilient to the corruption spread by the hordes of the Baleful Queen.

During his Hero Phase, when Kazgin performs a Combat action, he rolls a fourth die (the gray die). In addition, he never suffers negative exit effects from Horde cards he combats.

The heroes of the Bastion

Arne & Soko

Arne is a human falconer. Thanks to Soko, his majestic raptor, he can acquire equipment without having to move.

During his Hero phase, Arne takes 1 Equipment token of his choice from among those available in the reserve and adds it to his personal reserve.

The heroes of the Bastion


Teagaan is a mystic from the Gleaming Order. His sacred mantras repel the evil influence of the Baleful Queen.

During his Hero phase, Teagaan can forego his movement to remove a Grasp of Evil figure in play. This figure can be removed from a Bastion tile, a Horde card, or a Hero board.

The heroes of the Bastion

Elmer & Chestnut

Elmer is a courageous and jovial halfling. He is always accompanied by his faithful mount, Chestnut.

During his Hero phase, Elmer benefits from an extra movement. He can take the movement for himself (before or after his action), or grant the benefit to another hero (who is then immediately moved).

The heroes of the Bastion


Sindara is a peerless paladin. Loved by the crowds, she can always count on the support of the population, even in the thick of battle.

During her Hero phase, Sindara can both use the action of the Bastion tile AND enter Combat, in the order of her choice, BEFORE or AFTER her movement.

Clarification : If Sindara activates the Tavern Bastion tile on herself, the extra movement can be performed before a combat.

The heroes of the Bastion

Feng-Li - Magician

Feng-Li is an arcane warrior. Her magic allows her to slightly modify the flow of time and turn battles to her advantage.

During her Hero phase, Feng-Li can reroll some or all of her Combat dice once, either during a combat or during the activation of a Bastion tile. She can also reroll the Corruption die once.

Clarification : The second result is always kept. Précision : The reroll is also possible if Li-Feng rolls the Corruption die for a neutral board.




Arne & Soko


Elmer & Chataigne



The Horde Cards

The Horde is made up of 2 types of cards: Monster cards and Warlord cards.

Monsters are represented by a name, a color, a resistance, and effects. These effects can be of many types: entry effects (on the left), exit effects (on the right), recurring or permanent effects (in the middle).

The Bastion

The Bastion is made up of 9 tiles.

Each of these tiles has an action that the players will be able to use throughout the game.

Discover the action
of each tile